What Can Your Business Learn From Hotels?

Hotels usually specialise in one area, hospitality. 

Hospitality tends to mean the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers, it’s simple, right?

Why do hotels work hard on providing a friendly and generous reception to customers? There are several reasons, however, primarily a hotel wants to become a person’s home away from home. At home one feels relaxed, at ease and catered for.

Here is a scenario, you and your family are going on holiday to Spain. You must travel to the airport, check in, go through security, board the flight, claim your luggage and then finally make your way to the hotel. Upon arrival it is likely you and your family will feel tired from the journey, so a warm welcome is appreciated.

After checking into the hotel you go up to your room and see that it is ready for you, folded blankets, slippers, toiletries, tea and coffees are all there for your convince so you can enjoy your holiday, knowing everything is taken care of for you.

The items placed in your hotel room show the following:

  • Your needs have been considered
  • The hotel wants you to be there and have an enjoyable stay 
  • The hotel is professional and well established 
  • This can be your home away from home for the length of your holiday 
  • The hotel is here to help you and meet your needs

You might be thinking “how does all this relate to my business?”

There are several parallels between a hotel and your office.

Firstly, the office, like the hotel, requires a commute. Admittedly the journey to work will not be as long as travelling from Luton Airport to Spain, however, rush hour traffic tends to be stressful. Whether stuck in traffic or packed in like a sardine on the Tube, the daily commute has its challenges.

So by the time you get to the office you want to feel relaxed, you want to know everything is in order for you to start your working day and to carry out the tasks you need to complete, like when arriving to a hotel you want to know that you can start the holiday without worrying. This is where our Starter Packs come to play.

For most, their office acts as a ‘home away from home’ – they are there 5 days a week from 9am to 5pm, so feeling comfortable in that environment is essential. 

Someone’s first day in the office at their new job is similar to checking into a hotel in a foreign country, you are unfamiliar with your surroundings and the culture you are also making a lot of first impressions – don’t forget first impressions are a two way stream.

Coming into the office and seeing a new Starter Pack laid out on your desk creates the same thoughts as walking into a hotel room and seeing your bed made for you. It is welcoming and helps create a great impression.

It shows:

  • Your employer has thought about your needs
  • You are welcomed to the team 
  • Your employer is here to help me and fulfil my needs
  • You can feel comfortable and at home in this environment

By providing your new staff with a custom made Starter Pack you can provide a warm welcome to your new employee, give them the necessary tools for their work whilst also sharing your company’s office culture and ideologies. 

Vibrant Colour Starter Packs can include a range of products, depending on what your business is and if you don’t know we can help you choose.