Tips to Help With First Day Nerves

First day nerves – it’s a big thing!

Your first day of anything can be nerve racking – why? The clue is in the title … first… day… it is something you haven’t done before – it’s new to you. Starting a new job can signify a massive change in your life, career, routine, and personal relationships. Starting a new job equals a big lifestyle change, often with a hope that the change will be for the better.

There can be a lot of internal pressures when starting a new job, you could have taken the role as you need to provide for your family – if something goes wrong then you could lose your house and be unable to support your loved ones.

You could be a graduate who wants to start their career and how has been searching for a job for the past 10 months. 

In addition to the internal pressures of starting a new job, things such as: will I make friends here, will it always be so difficult to find somewhere to park, will the traffic always be this bad, do I want to work here for my foreseeable future, what if my boss hates me, what it everyone hates me, what desk should I make my own…. These are all things that one may take into consideration before the job role itself.

Having a good work – life balance is essential and if gotten wrong can massively affect your health and well-being. 

Having a good first day can set the scene of your future at the work place. 

Welcoming a new member of staff into the team can be a great way of elevating their nerves. 

For example:

Scenario 1 – 

It’s your first day at your new job, you arrive in good time, head into the office building and head straight to reception. Your new employer has forgotten to tell the receptionist who you are and that you will be starting. Once the receptionist alerts your new company an employee comes out to welcome you. You get awkwardly introduced to everyone in the office, none of whom knew a new staff member was joining. You are then taking to your desk, luckily you remembered to bring a pen as nothing was prepared. You are then given a small, unbranded notebook to work from….

Scenario 2 – 

It’s your first day at your new job, you arrive in good time, head into the office building and head straight to reception. You are greeted by your new boss who takes you under you their wing and shows you around, after the friendly introductions you are taken to your new desk. Waiting for you on the desk is a small custom-made Starter Pack for you. Your boss encourages you to open it, and in there is:

A branded water bottle, 

A branded mug,

A selection of branded pens and highlighters, 

A mouse mat

A notebook

A coaster 

And some cookies 

Accompanied with a small note welcoming you to the team. Not only do these items allow you to do your work they are also useful and send the message: we are happy to have you on board and we have thought about you.

Being nicely welcomed into a team and office environment can help alleviate the personal nerves one feels on their first day. Something as simple as a Starter Pack can make all the difference.

Being welcomed and catered for makes one feel comfortable and relaxed, so the new employee can focus on learning the ropes. This is also a great way to make a good first impression whilst helping calm the first day nerves.