First Impression Hacks

When starting a new job one can often feel a lot of pressure about how to make a good impression with your boss and new colleagues. It’s easy to forget that making a good impression in the workplace is a two way street.

By the time a company has recruited a new member of staff they have interviewed them, learnt about their education, previous job roles, personal hobbies and may have already sampled some of their previous work. Basically, they have a good read on the person, how you think they will work and help benefit the company. 

But what does the new employee think of your company?

The average working week in the UK is around 37 hours, that is a lot of time to be spent somewhere with people who you may not otherwise associate with, doing things that at times are tedious and long-winded, lets me honest there is always going to a couple of things you don’t love about your job!

When a new member of staff starts, they will be asking themselves a lot fo questions:

Can I see myself working here for the foreseeable future?

Do I fit in with the teams dynamic?

Do I feel respected, valued, listen to and cared for?

Ultimately these questions loop back around to the first – can I see myself working here – if any of the above questions are a ’no’ then it is likely that the employee will not stick around for too long. 

Having a large and quick staff turnover is not good for your business or your employees. Having a regular amount of staff coming and going firstly makes it hard for the work to be consistent as tasks will have to be carried out by a few different people, all of whom having different approaches. In addition, having a fast staff turnaround effects the morale of the other employees therefore damaging productivity. 

A new employee, starting a job where a lot of people have left the company makes the person think, why, what is the company doing wrong for all the people to leave? It leaves a bad taste and even worse impression.

Day one of a new job can be scary, of course, and whether it is intended or not, impressions will be made and as we all know, once an impression is made it is hard to change.

A simple way of creating a good impression is with a start pack with your new employee is a Starter Pack.

A Starter Pack, simply consists of a range of branded items, some for work some for pleasure. An example of a starter pack could be:

A water bottle 

A range of pens and highlighters

A diary

A mug

A mouse mat 

A flask 

And some sweeties 

The Starter Pack is completely customisable to your staff and company. For example, if your workspace will require trips to a cold warehouse you can provide your new starter with a branded hoodie to keep them warm during such visit. If you need help choosing what to put in your Starter Pack we are here to help!

Providing a new employee with a new Starter Pack helps make a good impression on your end for several reasons: 

Reason 1
It sets a benchmark on how you treat staff; it shows that your company is generous and does not cut corners when it comes to staff’s needs – this is important new staff.

Reason 2
It can make the difference between a new staff member thinking that they will be here for the long haul or not.

As mentioned, a new starter will be thinking about their future, they will be asking themselves if they can see themselves working there for the next 10, 20 plus years – is this a place I could spend all day for 5 days a week?

Reason 3
Company culture is so important. If your company has created a relaxed, happy, kind, and welcoming culture then staff will be a lot more willing to work longer, help out other members of the team, and persevere through more difficult times. Be nice to your staff and they will be nice to you and want to help. 

Finally, we are all human and so adding a human touch to a corporate environment can help make a lasting and impactful impression, which can then in turn, lead to a long lasting mutually good and beneficial relationship.